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Dedicated Wellness Solutions For Your Business

Our goal is simple – audit, analysis, deliver positive lifestyle choices to your staff and and measure trends that generate to happier, healthier staff and a culture of wellness.

Wellbeing Express
Mobile App
  • 12 month Individual License
  • Daily Wellbeing Tips
  • Weekly Wellbeing Audit
  • 210 Workout Videos
  • 30+ Meditations
  • 80+ Smart Goals
Wellbeing Webinar
Exclusive session for your organisation
  • 1 hour Webinar
  • Custom Wellness Topic
  • 1 page Highlights PDF
  • Multiple Practical Strategies
Wellbeing Warriors
Private Telehealth
$1500/25 hours
  • 25 hour wellbeing hours
  • Secure Data
  • Professional Counselling
  • Confidential Interactions
  • Diverse Wellbeing Warrior specialties
  • Dedicated Account Manager

common questions

Frequently Asked Question

Distance Assistance invites clients staff to participate in a wellbeing audit via Wellbeing Express – tracking over 48 wellbeing behaviours —it then uses this data to generate a personalized wellbeing plan, replete with daily tips to support staff along their health and wellness journeys.

Distance Assistance and its team support the health, wellbeing and performance of people around the world through leading research and evidence-based standards, programs and solutions.

What is the purpose of the Wellbeing Express platform?

Wellbeing Express is designed to bridge the crippling gap between employees who need support and don't have access. The Wellbeing Express platform captures real time employee health and wellbeing across 48 different lifestyle behaviours which provides immediate feedback in the form of wellbeing tips.  User data is then aggregated to provide insights on where to focus workplace wellbeing initiatives.

What is the Wellbeing Express platform measuring?

The Wellbeing Express platform gains a pulse of the overall health and wellbeing of staff in real time. Our platform also screens for potential risk, both for the individual and the organisation. This includes areas such as fatigue, depression and excessive stress. This is achieved by asking employees to rate themselves on a consistent basis across our six wellbeing pillars relating to nutrition, body, social connections, work, fitness and mindset.

Do you have setup fees or contracts?

We do not have set up fees. You can drop us an email for a detailed chat about your business and how we can help you and we never tie our clients into a contract. We’re so confident with our services, we don’t feel the need to restrict them.

How many packages can I have at any one time?

This can be entirely up to our client. We do however, recommend they discuss their business requirements with us first so we can ensure they are getting the correct services and not paying for something they may not need as much as another area of business.

How much does it cost?

Each package is different as is each business we meet. Above are the basic prices we offer should you know what your business needs. We can also offer personalised tailored packages to suit the requirements of your business, just get in touch to find out more.

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