Connections Pillar

Connectedness is about having strong healthy relationships, belonging and love in your life. What sense of regular engagement do you have with family,friends and community? We focus on the power of connectedness with others. Social actions can lift the whole,allowing individuals to feel part of something bigger than themselves for their own wellbeing and balanced living.

Our Connections workshops are tailored to suit small, medium to corporate organisations. Options may include running short 1 hour Lunch’n’Learns or incorporate wellness sessions as a large workplace wellbeing program to create a holistic wellbeing package for your workplace. We would be more than happy to draw up a proposal that suits your budget and organisational requirements for online wellbeing sessions for virtual teams or face to face workshop delivery and consultations for face to face delivery.


    • The key to enjoying your work is whether you feel valued and appreciated by those around you. Learn how to communicate authentic appreciation in the ways meaningful to your coworkers.
    • In our interactive workshop, participants will learn:

–  The importance of appreciation
–  The Five Languages of Appreciation
–  How to put the Five Languages to work
–  Tools and resources for showing appreciation

  • As a result of this workshop, participants will be able to:
    –  Understand their own preferred languages of appreciation
    –  Express authentic and individualized acts of appreciation to others
    –  Create a more positive work environment
    –  Improve work relationships
  • All welcome- no experience is necessary


  • Of all health determinants, community, belonging and social connection are so often placed at the top of list – it has been ranked as more important for health than the food we are eating.
  • Our ‘Human Connection Workshop’ looks at why this part of life is so important and what the factors are that make it up.
    – Observe how ‘Tribes’ are built
    – See how ‘Giving’ Connects Us
    – Learn from Cultures with a Strong Sense of Community
  • Half day workshop
  • All welcome- no experience is necessary

   In a global study of 200,000 employees, they indicated the #1 reason they enjoy their job is because they feel appreciated.

79% of employees who leave a job voluntarily, cite a lack of appreciation as a key reason for their quitting?